Wildlife on Rock Creek

Big Horn Sheep, Deer and More!

Abundant wildlife along Rock Creek is yet another reason to visit Rock Creek in Montana. The stars of the show is the herd of Big Horn Sheep which are often found betweenBighorn-Ram-and-Ewe-Sheep-Wildlife-Rock-Creek the 7 and 9 mile markers on the road. From May through November, the sheep can be seen grazing in yards and meadows along the road. Babies are born in June and by early July they can be viewed playing along the road, especially near Trout Bums. The speed limit on Rock Creek is 30 mph but extra caution near this nursery area is important to the survival of the herd.

As night approaches, Whitetail Deer fill the fields and meadows along Rock Creek grazing on grasses. The moist creek bottom is home to whitetail and occasionally mule deer. Mountain lions keep the deer on their toes and can occasionally be seen.

Mountain grouse inhabit the creek bottom. Ruffed grouse and blue grouse often erupt in flight starting the unsuspecting angler. Mountain grouse can be found in creek canyons and draws the entire length of Rock Creek.

While not seen often, Elk can be found in the mountains along the creek. To the south, elk graze the bald mountains above the ranches on upper Rock Creek while a herd of elk visit the grassy meadows near the confluence of Rock Creek and the Clark Fork river in the spring.

Moose can be found in cool wet areas along the creek while black bears prowl the creek in the spring foraging for food before the summer’s bounty begins.